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Sex Positive Girl Talk
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Tuesday, December 14th, 2004
2:01 pm
Quick sex update
Went to sleep Sunday night. Woke up. Watched a little TV. He started rubbing my nipple and my pussy actually started to ache. I got so incredibly wet. He reached around and started touching my shaven cunt, dipping his fingers into my wetness. I started to return the favor, but he just wanted to play with me. After awhile I started grinding my ass against his cock, as we laid in bed. He still had his boxers on. I could feel his cock getting hard as he continued playing with me.

Eventually I told him I needed to feel his cock against me. I took his shorts down to his knees, and continued to grind against him as he continued to reach his arms around my body, rubbing my nipple and clit. I was going crazy. It didn't take long for his cock to slip right in. It was a fun position - kind of spooning, kind of off-kilter so he could see my face.

After we finished fucking like this, he went to take a shower. I took out my toys and got myself off twice.

He came out of the shower and I couldn't resist sucking on his clean cock. I sucked him slowly for awhile, until we couldn't help but fuck. I put on the video again, and again we fucked while watching ourselves fuck. It was incredibly hot. He took a nap and I gave myself 2 more orgasms. Then off to work.

God he's great.
Saturday, December 11th, 2004
12:31 am
We were tired and wanted to wake up early. So he went to go shower and I told him I wanted to play with my toys and get off so I could maybe fall asleep more easily.

While he was in the shower, I put on that same video of us from before. It was hot and I was really enjoying myself. I couldn't decide whether I wanted him to see me watching, partly because I didn't want us to stay up too late. So I turned the video off and back onto Celebrity Poker.

He came out of the shower looking incredibly sexy. He'd just shaved his face and it was incredibly smooth and soft. He smelled amazing. I turned off my clit vibrator, but still had a dildo inside me when he crawled into bed.

I started kissing his incredibly soft face and telling him how sexy and soft he was. He told me he was soft in most places, but not everywhere. He asked if I was getting off to celebrity poker and I told him I'd been watching our homemade porn. I offered him a blowjob while he watched. This only lasted awhile before I mounted him and we angled so both of us could watch while we fucked. It was awesome... I think he could have blown incredibly fast, but I told him to go slow and cum when we finished in the video. It was wonderful.

After we finished fucking, I told him how irresistable he is to touch. I started softly, gently licking my juices off of his cock. He was squirming and moving with every lick. We were tired, so we didn't take it to another orgasm, but it was awesome to have his half-erect cock in my mouth, tasting myself and watching him moan and squirm.

I've given my fair share of blow jobs or hand jobs in the past, and honestly, I've never enjoyed it more than with him. He gets so into it, and I feed off that energy. I have kind of an oral fixation anyway - seriously, I could suck his cock three times or more a day. I love the taste of his cum and the sounds he makes when he feels good. And I am always so wet and ready to fuck after having his cock in my mouth!
Thursday, December 9th, 2004
3:47 pm
Great Night...
My computer's been down and out... long story that I won't bore everyone with... I just keep wanting to update this journal.

So, last I mentioned some good kissing and teasing was making me horny as hell, which of course I took care of.

Tuesday night was so great. We'd worked up a bit of flirting - sending suggestive texts back and forth throughout the day. I asked him when he got off, referring to work, and he replied "As soon as I charge my video camera."

Yay! I'd been longing to watch the recent footage of our fucking. So we get to his place later in the evening, and make ourselves comfortable. He reround the camcorder and hooked it up so we could watch on his bedroom TV. He has one of those nice wall-mounted TVs that makes is easy to lay back and watch... well porn, among other things.

"I want to eat you while you watch this," he said - in that hot voice he gets when he's turned on. I'll never turn down a good pusy-eating, so I spread for him as I watched our bodies meld and bounce and fuck and kiss and listened to our breathing and moaning. It got a little confusing and arousing - watching him eat me while he was actualy eating me... watching him rub the tip of his cock over my clit, while he was... you get the point... and he'd never seen the video before.

There was a point at the end of the video where I had the camera angled at my tits while he fucked me from behind... my tits were bouncing/swinging in just that great way - the way you don't want them to in any other activity but sex. I told him to turn around and watch, 'cause he was missing out on some hot footage.

Watching one's self fuck is a crazy experience. I find it one of the hottest possible activities. I'm very visual and I like porn.... so watching it and reliving it at the same time was great.

Finally the video ended and I begged him to get inside me... after sucking on him for a bit at least. I told him I wanted to fuck really slowly and drag the whole process out. He seemed up for it. I paid a lot of attention to his balls and caressed his body - while he paid a lot of attention to my tits. At one point, I was riding him backwards and sucking on his toes while he grazed his fingers near my ass. It was fucking hot.

Then we pulled out my vibrator and I put it on my clit while he explored inside me with his fingers... rubbing against my g-spot. I could feel my juices dripping out of me. I had one of those earth-shattering orgasms... and couldn't wait to feel him inside me as I was in that super-sensitive post-orgasmic mode. He got inside me and we fucked until he came in me. When I got up to clean up, his cum, mixed with mine, dripped all the way down my leg to my ankle. It is those little things that add up to the complete experience.

And again, sometimes the best part is right after, laying naked, pressed close together in post-orgasmic bliss.
Tuesday, December 7th, 2004
12:15 am
So the circumstances of my FB and myself... we're good friends with lots of mutual friends. Some friends know about our extra-curricular activities. Some don't. The fact that it is kind of this private thing makes it all the more hot. We aren't going to be all PDA. He's very cuddly and nice in our private times, but it isn't something we do in front of others.

So he came over tonight after he got off work and watched some excellent TV with my roommates and myself. I'd sent him some texts during the day that included things like "I really like kissing you." He had been really bored. I fantasize a lot, and I'd been thinking about fucking him a lot today.

He wandered into the kitchen and I went to see if he needed anything. I opened some cupboards and he came up behind me and kissed my ear a little. Quietly.

I seriously almost collapsed. I love that "weak in the knees" feeling. It was quite sudden. And I could feel myself getting wet.

I told him to stop, but when I looked at him I couldn't help but lean in for that potential - but might not follow through with it - kiss. You know that teasing thing. Where you lean in and he leans in, but then one of you backs away. One of my favorite things ever.

We hovered near kissing for a bit, and then a carressed my tongue on his lip.

I am a HUGE fan of kissing. I've actually kissed quite a few people in my time. And I've gathered quite the guage for good kissing habits versus bad ones. Variety is good. Being able to stay close mouthed it good. Being able to use your tongue gently is good. Sucking on tongues and lips is good. But any of these things can be too much.

He is a great kisser. He has wonderful lips that beg to be kissed. When he's sleeping on his side, his cheeks do the slightest "chipmunk" thing... and his lips open a little and look so full - I always want to kiss them.

Anyway, this brief moment of interaction got me really, really in the mood... fully knowing I have to work early and we were definitely not going to end up in the same bed tonight.

I like having moments like that. Hot, sweet, sexy moments that aren't followed up immediately by sex. But instead start the build. I mean, I plan to take care of it tonight anyway, but there's nothing like having him thrust inside of me.

Have I mentioned that the sex is really good? Great even? The greatness of the sex is partly what prompted me to want to write about it.
Monday, December 6th, 2004
7:28 pm

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Sunday, December 5th, 2004
11:25 pm
11:07 pm

wow... I just watched the "free sample"

and I think I might one day pay for this site... because it has a certain je ne sais quois...
12:39 am
His turn...
Last night we went out for a nice late dinner after work and had some really great conversation. Then we went to his place. Both of us were a bit buzzed. I was wearing my Instead - which I love, and can do a lot while wearing, but he has felt it during sex to the point of it hurting him. And he's not into period sex, so I knew we wouldn't be fucking.

Which ended up being kind of fun. I went in to give him a blow job fully knowing it was going to be all about him. We were laying in bed in our underwear, watching TV and cuddling. I grazed over his boxers and could feel his semi-erection under his clothes. I mentioned he was getting hard and asked if he minded if I played with him. Of course he didn't.

I stroked him for awhile. I love the way a dry cock feels right at first. The skin is so soft. It is so nice to touch. I started to swirl my tongue around the head of his cock. Just slowly and softly - around in circles, noticing at which points he moaned or took a deep breath. At one point he even asked that I keep going over a certain spot. He's great at giving me directions. Then I slid my mouth down over his cock and started to suck. I kept sucking, crawling around a bit to get a better angle and to be able to watch him squirm with pleasure. I mixed it up between longer, deep sucks, and just sucking the tips and tonguing it while I stroked his shaft. I played with his balls with a hand and some dripping saliva. I could taste his precum, which is such a turn-on.

I licked around his balls as I kept stroking him. Then a came up for a mouth kiss and brushed my tits against his cock. We kissed for a second, but then he started fucking my tits. I held them tightly around his cock.

He flipped me over on my back, wanting inside me to fuck me. I told him I was wearing "that thing" and I wanted to taste his cum. So he stood over me and fucked my tits a bit more. Then I sucked him a little bit as he was over me. We went back to him on his back. Occassionally he would help things out by stroking his own cock as I licked his balls and grazed my hands all over his body. Before long I was tasting his cum.

He told me it was probably the hottest not-sex he'd ever had.
Saturday, December 4th, 2004
11:55 pm
That's a good one... simple, but still fun (my legs usually go a bit higher)
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11:45 pm
Clit vs Vag Orgasms

I was reading a post in  <a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/answers_on_sex/361684.html?view=3996116#t3996116">answers_on_sex</a> about this...  here is the highlight and my reply:

I have gotten off through clitoral stimulation (even that takes a while) when my boyfriend does it.. but when he fingers me I just cant get off! He is very frustrated because hes never had a problem getting a girl off that way, and he feels like its his fault. Dont get me wrong, he is great..it feels good...but it never really gets to the point of climax. There are times when I feel like I have to pee and theres a wave of pleasure feeling..but it goes away so quickly. Its also not like we only do this for 5 minutes.. after an hour..still nothing.. and i am turned on! I dont know what to do. Is it my head? Are there any techniques to clear my head, what to focus on...how can I get an orgasm from fingering?! Its really starting to take a toll.

My response to this was:

This is a touchy subject for me (pun intended).

I have the same situation, and I have issues with it. I want my lover to know he is extremely talented and the best sex I've ever had. It seems like the "obvious" way for him to know this is by me having an earth shattering orgasm during sex. I could fuck him all night long, I have never orgasmed from intercourse. I'm a clit girl. AND PROUD OF IT.

Why? Because it just is who I am. I love masturbation and sex and orgasms. I love g-spot stimulation. I love getting wet and fucking hard. I get very creative with sex. I've had multiple orgasms. My record is 20 in 2 hours. But this is all through the use of a hand, vibrator or shower head. And there should be no shame in that. It makes me no less of a woman. In fact, I think it makes me even more of a woman to know myself that well and to be comfortable with my sexuality.

It makes me sad to think how many girls are feeling inadequate because of this VERY common situation. More power to the clit, ladies!!!

Friday, December 3rd, 2004
1:54 am
1. Age/sex/preference: 24/f/straight with bisexual openness
2. Have you ever had sex? Yes
3. How often would you say you have sex? Not enough... I rarely am at the point where I'd ever turn it down. I want it all the time. Especially with my current parnter. He rocks in bed. He's one of my best friends and I just feel very comfortable with him.
4. How old were you when you lost your virginity? 18
5. How often do you masturbate? Daily (sometimes more than that, never go more than about 2-3 days without)
6. Do you masturbate picturing a person..or just an act? Both - sometimes I get off on thinking about cumming... sometimes I can be watching TV or something totally unrelated... I usually get off the easiest thinking about my current situation and the sex I most recently had.
7. Do you have sex dreams? Yes - I often orgasm in them. But they usually just make me wake up horny.
8. How often do you have sex dreams? Pretty often. Usually if I masturbate that day I'm less likely to have them.
9. Is it a stranger.. or someone you know that you have sex with in your dreams? Both - sometimes it is someone that creeps me out... like an ex or a friend who I have no interest in. I fantasize a lot about my current guy, so that means he appears in my dreams frequently.
10. Have you ever wanted to have sex with a stranger? I have had sex with a stranger... honestly... though anything new gives me a little thrill, it ended up being not all that great. I like that built in familiarity.
11. Have you ever been cummed on? Yes
12. Have you ever asked to be cummed on? Yes. I actually get off on it quite a bit.
13. Have you ever licked cum off of someone? I like to give head after he cums... very slowly and gently. He is so sensitive right then!
14. Are you dominant or submissive? both
15. Do you like to be spanked? Gently enough... I like the sound. It shouldn't happen too much. It should be during vigorous sex. It isn't about pain at all.
16. Do you like to be smacked? No
17. In the face? no!
18. Do you like to be tied down or cuffed? I haven't ever fully experienced this. It is on my mental sex-to-do list.
19. Do you like anal sex? Yes, but haven't had it enough to really know.
20. How often would you say you have anal sex? Once every 6 months to a year... I want to try it with him... we started once, but I ended up hitting my head on his bed frame in a bad way... so we stopped, but I want to try again. I just like fucking him so much that I usually want his cock in my pussy more than anywhere else. It'll happen though, I'm sure.
21. Do you think its better than sex? No.
22. What do you think is a good size penis? Small enough not to hurt, big enough to feel.
23. A good size breast? Breasts are great in any size... not a fan of small As or really big tits.
24. Where's the weirdest place you have had sex? Nothing too crazy.
25. Have you ever had sex in front of people? No, though the idea turns me on a little. Video camera will have to do.
26. Have you ever had sex with someone else in the room sleeping? No
27. Have you ever had a threesome? Yes.
28. foursome? yes.
29. more some? no
30. Have you ever wanted to? I kind of got that out of my system. At this point, I'd be open to doing something to help him with his fantasies, but I feel pretty monogamous.
31. Have you ever kissed someone of your same sex? Yes
32. Did you like it? Lots
33. Ever have oral sex with someone of the same sex? Yes, but it was drunken. I kind of want to try it sober with the right girl some day.
34. Ever use a vibrator? Yes
35. Ever went near the ass during masturbation? Yes
36. Ever have someone finger your ass? Yes
37. Eat it? No... I feel like it has been licked briefly along the way though... but nothing memorable.
38. ever finger someones ass? Perenium = yes... ass = no... if they told me they were into it, I could try it, but it isn't something I feel most guys are into.
39. ever eat someones ass? No, but I have licked balls and perenium close enough.
40. ever pee on someone/or let someone pee on you? honestly, one guy was really into and I have it a try... I have a "try anything once" attitude... but ultimately I found it really, really gross. We were in a hottub, so it mixed with the water and stuff, but I felt like I had to shower a billion times afterwards. Thank god he was a 2 night fling and nothing more.
41. Do you like the taste of cum? I have had it taste bad. Current guy I could eat it for breakfast. It has to do with the whole experience though. He's so much fun to give head to and he is so responsive. I want to taste his cum so I know just how great he felt.
42. Ever have someone cum in your ass/or cum in someones ass? Cum in my ass, yes.
43. Ever tasted your own cum? I often lick my fingers after I masturbate. And I often suck his cock after sex.
44. Ever have someone lick your feet? Yes
45. Ever lick someone elses feet? Yes - actually recently for the first time... it was one of those things where he'd done it to me and I liked it... I thought... hmmm... if he is doing it to me, maybe he likes it done. Again, he was very responsive.
46. Do you enjoy sensual massages? Yes
47. Ever use anything for masturbation that wasnt made to do that? what was it? the shower head, cucumber, toy that vibrated while I was babysitting (kid was asleep, it was over my panties... still a little weird though), a vibrating Mr. Potatohead of an ex-boyfriends,
48. Whens the last time you had sex? A few nights ago I think... it has been a few days, but not quite a week.
49. How often do you watch porn on the net? I go through phases... sometimes daily... sometimes I just won't do it for a few weeks.
50. look through porno mags? yes
51. Have porn tapes? well, mpgs
52. dvds? no
53. Ever been in porn? for personal pleasure...
54. Ever been on a website naked? not that I'm aware of... sometimes I'm afraid of some pictures floating out there... I have shared pictures
55. Ever made your own porn? yes... twice now and still haven't seen the second time... I want to very badly!
56. Whats the most people you had sex with in one day? 1
57. Do you think your just a little slutty? In a positive, confident way - yes... I am very comfortable with sex and I love to have it... a lot... with people who are just as comfortable and into it.
Thursday, December 2nd, 2004
6:09 pm
God I love masturbation. My hands are sore from holding my vibrator for the past 45 minutes while reading random LJs similar in style to mine. I love when people are open and candid like that. Thanks all to supplying me with nasty little thoughts!
5:16 pm
Saturday, November 27th, 2004
9:09 am
Great... no I mean AMAZING sex last night. I was ready to pounce him the moment he put on his new shirt earlier in the evening. He just looked so good. And he does so many things I find incredibly... well nice.

So when the time finally came that we were in bed, he tells me he has to pee. It is like torture waiting for him to go. I wanted to touch him so bad. When he came back from the restroom, I had to start touching him. I started sucking his cock slowly and licking his balls. The best is licking right in between his ball and inner thigh. He lets out these little moans that make me wet to hear. He brushed my nipples quite a bit.

Then he said something to the effect of "get your ass up here" - which could have meant he wanted me to ride him, but I decided to take it as - put my ass in his face while I continue to suck his cock. So I did and he started to lick me. It was fantastic feeling.

At some point I slid down his body and straddled him backwards, then stretched out and started sucking on his toes. It was fun. He kept touching my ass and rubbing around. Fantastic. It felt just at that nice point of being different than anything we'd done before, yet it flowed really naturally for us.

Finally he turned me over and fucked me - telling me I had it coming. It wasn't long before he came and I was feeling incredible.

I didn't want to be done, so I told him, and after cuddling up to him for a bit (upside down, so I my head was at his feet) I started to slowly suck his limp cock. I could feel it growing in my mouth. I tried to just be really gentle and slow. He rubbed my clit. Before long he asked me to get on him and I fucked him for quite awhile. He was tired and had to get up early and he was a little sore from it all. So I laid back, took out my toys and came hard - moaning to the point where I woke him up. It was an amazing orgasm. There's something I find extremely satisfying about having an orgasm laying next to him. Having one in his bed. Doesn't matter how it comes about. I just come and moan while thinking about his great fucking him is.

But you know what is the best? The post-coital cuddling. He seriously is the best cuddler I've experienced. He's the right combination of strong yet soft. I love putting my head on his shoulder while his arm comes around and he gently caresses my shoulder. It is about the best feeling in the entire world.
Wednesday, November 24th, 2004
12:19 am
I forgot to mention that Saturday night he talked dirty.

He's done this before, and I find it incredibly HOT.

When I was young, I used to call local "dating" lines and would get off on leading guys on through voice messages that would be sent back and forth. I hated the idea of "live" phone sex, but loved listening to guys detail what they would do if given the opporunity. It helped me build on my own ability to fantasize - listening to creepy adult men talk dirty. But it has always been something I wanted carried on into my adult life. Not phone sex, but that dirty talk.

Important to note I do NOT find being called a "slut" sexy. I don't find that kind of crude, mean talk sexy. I've experienced it first hand, and ultimately it disgusts me that I let them get away with this kind of talk.

It is the same as the difference between a firm slap on the ass (which can be hot) and anything painful (so, so not hot).

I am sexually exhausted tonight. This is so rare for me! Most of the time I go to bed either horny or getting off. To go to bed and not desire masturbation or sex is super rare. I suppose getting myself off twice yesterday, hot sex this morning, and getting myself off again before work today helped.

Sometimes I wonder if it is possible for me to not want sex. I feel like I have been deprived in the past, so I crave it... and I've never had it so good.

I still try to figure out in my head why the sex is just so good. I seriously feel like a goddess when we're in the act. And I feel like I'm with this amazing lover. There's a comfort level tha exceeds anything I've experienced (and I feel I've had very, very comfortable experiences in the past).

I can try new things, but in a way feel like I've already done them. I don't have to ask, or awkwardly ask him to do something. We just kind of magically morph into some new position neither of us had the intent of getting into... and then we moan and groan and squeeze and I get wet and he throbs inside me.

Fuck I love sex. Forget about all I just said up there about not being horny. Now I want his cock inside me again.

Actually, what I want is to see the video. I think it is going to provide some excellent entertainment.
Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004
2:54 pm
Hell yeah. Just masturbated for the third time in 24 hours. Fucking great. Didn't think this third time would happen, but I had the best sex this morning.

Great sex for me is the full experience. It isn't whether anyone comes, or how loud we moan, or how long it lasts. It is the excitement or the freshness or the roughness mixed with whatever.

This morning the video camera was broken out. We've done this once before. I just watched the first one and came hard to it. This new one though... we both took turns holding it by hand. He's on top a lot, and we end in doggie-style. There will just be more to it. Close ups of the hardcore action and facial expressions. I think the sound will be a lot clearer too. First it is right in the action. Second, there was no music on in the background.

I was going to write about how great sex was on Saturday night too, but right now it is hard to not think about this morning.

The highlight Saturday night was me on my back, putting my feet on his shoulders while he was on top. Then I sort of slid up and down while he was going in and out. It was really hot for me, and he vocalized his own pleasure as well.

How great is sex?
Wednesday, November 17th, 2004
1:15 am
I really try hard to separate emotions from sex. I believe it is unnatural. I shouldn't feel bad for attaching myself in some capacity to my current, amazing situation.

I find it incredibly difficult not to want to start touching him, oh, all the time. It amazes me when I think about how often I am restraining myself. Especially first thing in the morning. I want to touch that morning wood and get it hard and in me.

I really like sex to feel like it is just what we need. Not what one person wants and has to convince the other of. It is hot when bodies are into it.

But sometimes the hottest thing in the world is just laying in bed, feeling his warmth. Feeling appreciated in that cuddly way.

I am too tired to masturbate. I want a fuckfest soon.
Sunday, November 14th, 2004
7:27 pm
I was talking to a friend today who recently started seeing a guy. They have discussed not wanting to be a couple, but not wanting the other person to see other people either.

I find all of the scenarios we go through fascinating. The definitions we come up with. The desires we have to remain faithful/devoted/monogamous to a person who we ultimately aren't ready to commit to.

I'm really horny. Not I-need-to-masturbate horny, more I-want-some-cock-now-damnit horny.
Friday, November 12th, 2004
10:11 pm
Oh, and let's not forget that I had great personal time after the sex this morning. He left and I broke out both my dildo and electric vibrator and had 3 orgasms fantasizing about the sex I'd pretty much just had. Then I slept until he came back with food. It was great.

Sometimes I wish I could convey to him just how much a part of my sexual fantasies he is because sex with him is just that fun.

I could do it all the time.
10:07 pm
Sometimes I find myself getting jealous of men always looking at hot girls.

Then I realize I'm looking too.

And there aren't a hell of a lot of men worth looking at.

It is weird how I find myself incredibly attracted to men based on such a combination of things. Not just outward appearance, but overall ability to communicate and have fun and attitude. But at some point in the game, their physical appearance gets to me.

The man I'm fucking these days is incredibly attractive to me. He has the sexiest body. Gorgeous eyes. Cute smile. A great chest with great hair. A wonderful belly.
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